Ex-20th Century Fox exec launching platform for victims of sexual harassment in the workplaceNovember 14, 2017 10:46pm

Nov. 14-- A 20th Century Fox executive left her gig at the major company to focus on victims of sexual harassment, discrimination and bias in the workplace.

Claire Schmidt, who was working as the Vice President of Technology and Innovation for Fox, decided to leave last month and found AllVoices, an online platform where any employee can anonymously report any inappropriate incident that occurred to them at work.

"Given the climate in our country and everything that's been happening over the past year, I have been feeling like I really have to do something more, so I started this process just by trying to listen and learn as much as possible," Schmidt told the New York Daily News.

Schmidt, who is a victim of sexual assault, said her decision to launch AllVoices comes as Hollywood figures like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others have been accused by countless women and men of sexual harassment and assault.

Even top company execs, like ousted Amazon Studio head Roy Price, also lost their cushy jobs due to accusations of sexual harassment.

"I ended up talking to a lot of people who have been harassed at work and I got really interested in trying to help solve that, because it just seemed crazy to me that in 2017 people are still being openly harassed in the workplace."

Schmidt said that in her research she learned many people are too afraid to come forward to their own human resource departments.

"Employees do not feel comfortable in many cases reporting harassment at work. They just don't," she explained. "They fear retaliation, they fear they might lose their job, they don't want to be associated with this situation that happened to them that wasn't their fault. So in many cases they don't speak up."

AllVoices doesn't have an official launch date yet, but Schmidt said it will be happening "very soon."

The online platform will allow users to sign on using only a phone number for verification, which will not be attached to their report once filed.

AllVoices will contact companies as soon as a complaint is filed and will continue to provide the company with data if more people come forward.

"CEOs and boards lack the data to understand what's happening on the ground at their company and they sometimes use this lack of knowledge as an excuse for inaction," she explained, noting that all data will be sent back to the company in hopes of trying to combat the problem.

Schmidt said while her own experiences as a victim of sexual assault may have partly inspired her decision to launch AllVoices-it was mainly because something like this should already exist.

"The bigger thing is that I just had a feeling knowledge that this tool needs to exist and I know I am the person that can bring it to the world," she told The News.


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